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Advocating for disability inclusion with Mylene Padolina

Empowering ALL people to succeed in the workplace and beyond

Mylene Padolina spent a decade at Microsoft helping shape diversity and inclusion initiatives, primarily surrounding disability inclusion and youth.

Now, she’s a consultant through MPadolina & Associates and works with various organizations on disability inclusion to support all. In this episode of our Beyond the Blue Badge podcast, host Eddie Pate sits down with his former colleague to discuss her time at Microsoft, what made her who she is today, and how you can get involved to make the workplace inclusive and help everyone reach their full potential.

Empowering the underestimated with Jose Pinero

Cultivating diversity to change the future of work

In this episode of our Beyond the Blue Badge podcast, host Eddie Pate sits down with his former Microsoft colleague, Jose Pinero. Jose spent 19 years at Microsoft in multiple sectors from entertainment services to diversity and multicultural marketing. Jose is now a business and career coach largely working to empower underestimated populations.

He's also launching the first Latinx startup studio to infuse the startup world with diverse entrepreneurs. In this episode, Jose talks about his formative years at Microsoft, the importance of cultural knowledge in corporate America, and how he plans to change the future of work with his new startup studio.

Giving forward with Charles Stevens


Driving equity in business, education, and healthcare

Charles Stevens spent 22 years at Microsoft as a corporate vice president from 1984 to 2006. Now, he’s focused on what he calls “giving forward.” Charles sits on the boards of multiple nonprofits including Seattle Children’s and United Way of King County.

In this episode of our Beyond the Blue Badge podcast, host Eddie Pate — who was hired by Charles at Microsoft — talks with his former colleague about leading diversity initiatives, lessons learned over the past two decades, and the systemic racism that guides many sectors in the U.S. including business, education, and healthcare.

with S. Revi Sterling

How this ‘nerd with passion’ is helping women around the world

Microsoft alum S. Revi Sterling heads the U.S. Agency for International Development Women’s Global Development and Prosperity Initiative’s WomenConnect Challenge. What that means is that she gets to put her passion for eliminating the digital gender divide to work every day in places around the world.

In this episode of our Beyond the Blue Badge podcast, host Eddie Pate will talk with Revi about her time at Microsoft, how the seed for what she’s doing today was planted there, and the impact she’s having from a socioeconomic, cultural, policy and financial-inclusion perspective.

with Scott Macklin

Learning Matters: a Bridge to Practice

Today we have with us Eddie Pate discussing lessons learned along the way of becoming an inclusive leader. Learning Matters series on holding space for hope, healing and restoration.

Dr. Eddie Pate is a transformational leader. He builds relationships grounded in love and grace. Eddie’s expertise lies in helping drive strategic focus on inclusion & diversity, cultural competence, and inclusive leadership to help individuals, teams & organizations thrive. His 20 year career journey took him through several northwest companies, Microsoft, Starbucks, and Amazon.

On Beauty Brains and a Blog

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with Sean Kelley

with Sean Kelley

Making veterans an integral part of your workforce

In this episode of Beyond the Blue Badge, host Eddie Pate talks with Sean Kelley, a veteran of the U.S. Navy and veterans' advocate while in his roles at Microsoft, Starbucks and Amazon. On this Veterans Day episode, Eddie and Sean talk about hiring veterans in tech and beyond, why advocacy and inclusion of veterans for a diversified workforce is smart business, and how alumni can fight the good fight.

  • Generations of gratitude and the reluctant servant: Many branches of Sean’s family tree were military before he became a submariner. Find out what Veterans Day means to him.
  • Re-upping: Veterans Day gives everyone a chance to pause, remember the men and women who have served and sacrificed in the military and “re-up” your support.
  • Underwater: Life in a nuclear-powered submarine.
  • The “Why not?” guy: Challenging tech leadership to include veterans in the hiring mix. “I think what I did is get permission to make it part of the agenda for a lot of people…I think deep down, I’m somebody who believes intently in equity and fairness and justice.”
  • Here comes the General: Hiring Major General Chris Cortez and recruiting an advocate.
  • Xbox jersey and shorts: Recruiting veterans for a tech giant in a sea of stuffed-suits. “It was classic recruiting, right? If I don’t see myself there, I don’t belong. You find ways to create that connection and affinity.”
  • Creating the Microsoft Software Systems Academy: The lightbulb moment that created a pipeline of technology veterans.
  • The case for hiring veterans: “I think the main reason it's just a rich, rich talent pool…I would put it in the no-brainer category.”
  • Lifting up veterans: Studies show 70% of veterans take a step backward in their career when they leave the military and are underemployed. “We are leaving some of the best and the brightest leaders who want to contribute on the sideline.”
  • Mr. Kelley goes to Washington: Testifying before Congress.
  • Shedding light on hidden issues: From traumatic brain injury to Crohn’s & Colitis.
  • Put your learning mindset to work: Get to know a veteran, advocate for veterans and military family members, and include military veterans in your diversity and inclusion hiring mix.

with Rodney Hines


How the owner of Washington’s only black-owned brewery makes diversity and inclusion part of everything they do.

Hey everyone! The newest episode of our Beyond the Blue Badge podcast is live! Welcome our newest host -- Eddie Pate -- and his guest Metier Brewing Company owner Rodney Hines. They talk diversity, inclusion and "damn good beer."
--Becky Monk, Editorial Director at Microsoft Alumni Network